Terms & Conditions

(1) The Club Agrees to:

(a) Care for the child during the contracted hours.
(b) Comply with all requirements of registration, as laid down by the Regulatory authority (Early Year’s
directorate, Ofsted) and the Care Standards Act, part 10a.
(c) Comply with all requirements laid down by his/her insurance company.
(d) Provide suitable development experiences, appropriate to the age and stage of development of the child.
(e) Notify the parent/guardian of any accident or injury occurring whilst the child is at the club.
(f) Be available to discuss with the parent/guardian(s) the care and development of the child, to be arranged
if either parent/guardian(s) or at the request of the after school club, at a mutually convenient time if so
required by them.
(g) To provide the child with drinks as and when required by the child and to provide a pre-packed snack.
(h) Issue a receipt for payments received.
(i) Maintain appropriate insurance cover, such as public liability.
(j) Manage the Child’s behaviour, without the use of physical punishment.

(2) The Parent(s)/Guardians agree to:

(a) Pay the fees on time, as set out above.
(b) Collect the child on time.
(c) Provide written notification of any absence.
(d) Provide necessary information, requested by the club, in connection with his/her registration and notify of
any changes to that information.
(e) Be available to discuss, with the club, the care and development of the child, if so requested by the club,
at a mutually convenient time.
(f) Accept that the club will not use physical punishment in the discipline of children.
(g) Notify the club of any accident or injury the child may have suffered since the child’s previous visit.
(h) Deposits are non-refundable. This will come into force if payments are not received on time, on a termly
basis and if a four-week cancellation notice is not submitted.
(i) If wishing to cancel, you will need to submit and sign, 4 weeks prior to your last day, a ‘notification of
termination of contract’ letter form only emails or phone notices not accepted.
(j) To cancel a session, you must give at least 48hrs notice (booking fee still applies)
(k) To book an ad hoc session you must confirm via phone, not via text or email.

1. Termly invoices are issued in advance, with a 14 day period to settle the total balance in full.
2. A late invoice payment charge will be added to your invoice, weekly, every Friday that your invoice remains unpaid.
This will be a £3.00 fee.
3. Invoices will be sent via the email addresses you have provided. If you don’t receive an invoice by the first Friday of
a new term, then please contact the club manager.
4. Payment Method: These are via PayPal (via debit/credit card which will be a direct link via email), Cheque or
Standing Order ONLY.
5. We issue receipts with each payment.
6. You will receive termly statements showing payments you have made.
7. Any ad hoc days that are pre-booked, will need to be paid for on the same day, via faster payment or Cheque, by the
end of the session.
8. An Annual booking fee of £20.00 per child will be applied to your Invoice. (January for Dance, Drama & Homework Clubs and September for Holiday & Afterschool Clubs)
9. Deposits are refunded once a*4 week written ‘notice of cancellation of contract’ is received and *Termly payments
have been made, within a 14 day period of time.
10. It is the parent’s responsibility to pay invoices on time even if they are awaiting tax credits, financial support or
childcare vouchers of any kind.